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Friday, June 17, 2011

Thanks Mike!

Thanks to Mike Burks, Sport, and Mia for setting ALL three trial days.  Can you imagine?  Talk about foot weary dogs and "fried, dried, and laid aside!"   Sheep get pretty sour by day three.  Like they are done.  Kind of like Yoko was.  Jet helped set the field runs since Yoko ran first on Sunday.   THANKS Mike for doing such a fabulous job.   It's a HUGE job watering, caring, setting, sorting, and exhausting sheep.  We are lucky he HELPS out BIG time :0)

Mike went out to dinner on Friday and left his scooter by my truck.  Yoko took liberties and checked it out.  Jet is telling her, "Yoko....I don't think you should be getting on Mike's scooter."

Ugh oh.  Caught in the act.  Yoko says, "Hey Mike.  Look at me on your scooter.  Too bad it's not moving so I could BITE your tires."  Bad Yoko.  Tire biter.

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