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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lacamas stockdog trial

The trial grounds are in Camus, Wa., a dairy farm owned by Lynn and Alison Johnston (don't come any nicer)  I met Lynn last year setting sheep at the Whidbey Island stockdog trial.  We set together some of the open runs.

Wow....90 dogs in Open and 76 dogs in Pro-Novice.   That has to be an all time record. :0)

They give out each year the Evie Kimberly Humanitarian award at the exhibitor dinner on Saturday night.

Last year, Patrick Shannahan won the award.  He is whom I purchased Jet from....
http://www.patrickshannahan.com/articles.asp    P.S. Patrick writes some great articles!

JET has to be one of the "last dog's standing" bred by Evie Kimberly. :0)  So, I think it is fitting for me to take Jet to Lacamas to be a spectator.  I entered Yoko in Pro-Novice.  Kilt is staying home.  It is necessary for Wayne to have a Border Collie here in case of fire.  We have had some pretty close calls in the past.

I am really looking forward to seeing everyone in the Pacific Northwest!  I had to cut my vacation a week short.  I really can't be gone 3 full weeks in fire season.  I saw my husband's eyebrows raise as he said, "You'll be gone 3 full weeks?"  So, I narrowed my vacation to 2 weeks.  I scratched the Oregon Wine Country trial. :0(  

I will be traveling mid August to my girlfriend's new farm.  That weekend I will "audit"  Scott Glen's shedding clinic.  That weekend is our anniversary.  Jeanne, Rick, Wayne, and I got married many moons ago in a DOUBLE wedding in Las Vegas.  Monday is the pro-novice day for the Island Crossing trial in Arlington, WQA.  Lucky it is only about an hour plus from Whidbey.  I will leave for the trial Sunday night and sleep in my truck if need be.  On Monday evening I will travel to Whidbey island to visit my son stationed there in the Navy.  A few days later in the week I will travel to Camas for the Lacamas trial.  While at Lacamas it's my girlfriend's birthday.  I already have her present.  And, then homeward bound.  I'd have to stay another week to trial Yoko in Oregon.  I need to get home.  I haven't won the lottery yet.  :0)

It seems all of my trips are fast and furious.  The Washington drive is a looooong one.  It takes me 23 hours from here to Whidbey island. Good thing I like to drive.  I bet I have driven this trip at least 10 times or more in my lifetime.  That blows some of my co-workers minds.  A few of them have never been out of L.A. county.  I'm sure they think I'm nuts.  I think I'm very lucky.

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