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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Journal nine at the beach

I got a roaring fire going this evening. Fog rolled in. I put up things that might get wet and covered my wood. I'm not a huge Jimmy Buffet fan, but I put it in on the toy haulers CD. The stereo system in the trailer is nothing short of fabulous. So here I sit by my roaring fire drinking wine listening to Buffet. The dogs are passed out in my trailer. They are used to loud music, LOL

I cooked a couple of hot dogs on the fire....cooked to perfection. I was missing mustard, but I had ketchup and a creamy horseradish. I cooked up a pot of honey baked beans. Ha...it's been awhile since I had those. Too much for me eat, so I took the pot over to my neighbors Chris and Bert. Great guys with 3 rescue labs. Good dog people and good lab mixes. They ate the rest of my beans gladly. ;0)

My other neighbors are 8 teenagers.....probably about ready to shoot me for Jimmy Buffet. But, fair is fair....I have tolerated them at all hours. Makes me smile and remember my youth. This is good. I don't want to be a crotchety old woman. I can still (maybe) party them under the table. Ahhhhh Haaaaaaa!

What a friggin' fabulous week it has been. Thanks to my husband for making it as comfortable for me as possible. I knew he was upset he couldn't get me beach front property, but I'm in the next sites back. Plus, he set up my dog kennel....yep, I travel with a 6 by 4 foot kennel for the dogs / chain linked and topped. Plus, he brought me a barrel of kindling and a shit load of fire wood. He had to drive almost 3 1/2 hours one way to set things up for me. We got someone to watch the sheep and he will join me this Friday. This has given me 5 days by myself and I am so thankful.

I'm good by myself in my truck with a few days with a couple of dogs, but it's so nice to have the toy hauler for when Wayne joins me with all 5 dogs. Lucky.....you bet, and well aware of it.

"Why don't we get drunk and screw."  Kids are laughing (campsight over) ..... Love it.  Jimmy Buffet, some palm trees behind me, and the ocean roaring in front of me. I have died and gone to heaven  
Oops.  The teenagers have asked me to turn my music down.  They told me they have to turn in early because they are heading out in the morning.  They must not be "parrot" fans. I turned my music off and sat by my roaring fire quietly with a bit of a cheshire grin on my face.  Teens?  Get up early?  Who are they kidding?

Note:   They still weren't up when I returned from a 3 mile hike the very next morning. :0)

All five dogs at the beach

All having a great time

Yoko pouting that I made them stop for a picture :0)
(Kilt just HAPPY to be alive as ALWAYS)


Karen said...

LOL! I think you should have woken those teenagers up, ya know, telling them you were being a helpful neighbour 'cause you didn't want them to be late:) hahahaha

gvmama said...

I really wanted to, but it was so blissfully quiet with them sleeping....