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Friday, June 3, 2011

Journal five at the beach

A woman of strong endurance...

Everyone has problems. There is no problem so big, that whining won't make it worse. It's how you choose to deal with them. Some people choose to be whiners; some choose to be winners. Some choose to be victims: others choose to be victors.

The nice thing about the beach is being able to get the Santa Barbara newspaper. There is a small store here and someone has to drive 20 some miles of winding roads to get the newspaper to the store. I don't receive a newspaper at home. Too busy...too rural. But, I love reading the paper each morning here. I'd make a good retired person. :0)  I love browsing the news and doing the puzzles. My Mom was a whiz at crossword puzzles. I'm not very good at them, but I like to try. I think I have only completed 3 maybe in my lifetime. But, what I am good at is Sudoku. My grandson who is much better than I am got me hooked doing them. I probably do 4 or so week. I'm not much of a TV watcher......never have been.

When at the beach you get to do a little, rather a lot of examining who you really are.  I ran into the chaplain the other day while I was doing my first physical therapy for my herniated cervical spine. I was glad she stopped by, because I think she is the best thing about our hospital.   I have no idea why she was passing by outpatient P.T. but I had a question about how one of my 20 yr. old patients was doing after surgery. Sure enough....Marg knew. As she left, she said " And why are you here?". I said, "I'm getting fitter. You told me I'm a hard nut."  She winked at me and said," I like to think of you as a woman of strong endurance."  I said, "I'll drink to that" which she replied, "Just not too much." :0)

Yoko acting more and more like her Dad.  Bringing me my shoes.

Trouble loves the "warm" sand

My 3 BCs in a sandstorm

Yoko being silly

Yoko being even sillier

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