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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A good weekend...

Dogs hanging out in front of their ribbons

Kilt gently picked up her own HIT ribbon to be a show off,
Yoko always happy and poor Jet...that is one "tired" old dog.

Steve and XP Deuce

Friday we trialed AHBA and Sat/Sun. I just trialed Yoko in AKC, because she needs as much experience as she can get.  Saturday Yoko was on her game.  Sunday, she was burned out and on sensory overload.
I took the photo above of Steve and Deuce.  When they show up, they are always BIG competition for us.
I got lucky Saturday in the field.  Yoko did a nice job and ended up with a pretty shed, two on the head.  She made it look easy.  Steve and Duece were second to her. Sunday she ran through her whistles, had several missed attempts on her shed and I let her take two off the back (just because, she was getting hot and frustrated) Deuce was HIT from the field and Yoko came in second quite a few points behind.

Friday AHBA  Ranch  HIT  (Kilt) and RHIT (Yoko)
                         HTAD HIT  (Kilt) and RHIT (Jet)

Sat. AKC         HIT Yoko from Advanced B course
                         RHIT  Yoko from Advanced A course

Sun. AKC        Tie for RHIT...had to run off the tie breaker.  We lost the tie.  Future blog :0)

Sunday, Yoko, as I said ran through her whistles in the field.  I should have retired her, but I held on and it didn't feel good.  In the arena, she was so fried from the long weekend, she couldn't even take a flank whistle.  I retired her.  No use harpin' at a dog that CAN'T think.  She was done.

But, all in all, it was a great 3 day weekend of trialing.  The temperature was perfect, though the wind howled most of Sat and Sun leaving many of us with wind burn and terribly chapped lips! 

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