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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Almost summer

Our roses are in FULL bloom.  These roses we planted over 20 years ago and they still are as lovely as the first few years of bloom.

Leona Valley cherry pickin' time.  The cherries are phenomenal this year.  They are a few weeks late due to the cold weather.  All of the farms are right next to where I work sheep at Task farms.  Needless to say, I have picked buckets full and we both have taken lots to work with us.

Farm after farm with orchards of cherries. :0)

On my 12 minute drive to Leona Valley to work my dogs I pass by beautiful ranches.

On this particular ranch, I'd love to have a sheep trial here.  I'd put the sheep up on that knoll.  It would make for an interesting outrun and lift. :0)

June gloom.  We have had this beach fog covering Green Valley for quite some time.  It keeps everything wet and cool.  I wish it would stay all summer.  When I drive to Leona Valley some 12 miles away it is always sunny and windy.  Funny how different the weather is on each side of the mountains.  Leona Valley is more high desert than we are.

This 3 foot gopher snake gave me a scare cleaning the back (dog) yard.  I hustled all of the dogs into a kennel run to take a closer look.  Pwee...harmless.  He must have just shed his skin, because he was darker in color and for a moment I thought it was a rattler.  With hoe in hand, I just shoo'ed him down a hole.  He can stay.  He is a good snake (if there are good snakes)


Karen said...

That snake was only three feet long?
Lovely countryside, and oh cherries.... mmmm!

gvmama said...

Wayne killed a foot long baby western diamond back by our hay shed the other day :0( Don't like to see those.