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Friday, May 13, 2011

Yoko on Ducks

I had a surprise when I went over to Terry's ranch today.  They were building a duck arena and had a group of Indian Runners in a round pen.   The lambs were in the round pen with the ducks.  I brought each Border Collie into the round pen separately to work the ducks.  Jet and Kilt were wonderful.  They of course focused on the lambs in the pen.  I said, "No," "Look, Ducks."  As soon as they focused on the ducks I said, "YES."  I didn't have a clicker with me, so that sufficed.  Jet knows the words Keep and Get.  Kilt and Yoko have never been introduced to them.  Jet, being a little looser eyed like his daughter gets away with a slicey flank.  I taught him Keep (away) and Get (Come bye) for a squarer flank at the pen.  Kilt has more eye and has square flanks.  I thought this would be a good time to teach Yoko the meaning of Keep and Get.  She caught on like a duck in water....hahaha
Both Jet and Kilt (even though they have only worked ducks and geese a few times in their lives) were wonderful.  This was Yoko's first time on ducks.  She had worked geese about a year and a half ago.  Yoko is just a natural born heeler so I had to get on her case a wee bit.  I need to work her with the big ball more and teach her to "push."  Once in awhile a duck needs a nudge.  All in all they were very, very good with the ducks.

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Monique said...

hehehehe "you don't HEEL DUCKS!" Good girl, Yoko