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Friday, May 27, 2011

Yo working a herd of goats and sheep and lambs

I don't understand goats as well as Yoko.  I'm usually interfering when I should keep my mouth closed.  They require a fuller flank than sheep do.  Yoko is learning when it is okay to bite and when walking in a few more steps will work rather than a bite.  She shows you her "secret weapon" with the goats in this video.  I'm working on trying her to get her to drop on a down  as soon as she jumps in at them...before she gives a bit of a chase. :0)


The above is me calling Yoko in for a shed with goats and sheep.  I am asking her to make her own hole and come through.  The goats add to the difficulty factor.


The above is Yoko lifting lambs off of Alfalfa.  It's very hard to film while working your dog, but she does a nice job.  The first 3 times she used her teeth.  I just want to see her walk quietly into them to lift them. Yo is just a young dog that likes to "goose" the stock when they are too slow. 
I saw a young dog 'goose' the sulfolk crosses at the Bluegrass in the finals this year.  It was effective for getting the sheep to move, but other dogs with more presence were just as effective without the bite.  Points were lost.  So I work with Yoko not to bite, but WITHOUT taking it away her ability to move stock when it is really necessary.  Trying to find a nice balance. :0)

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