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Monday, May 2, 2011

Trouble and Yoko play ball

My dogs and I love to play ball.  I just bought this big ball at Walmart for $2.29 and I guarantee they are going to get their 2 dollars worth of fun with it.  I don't think Yoko had ever seen a ball this big.  Now, Trouble, well, she's a pro.  She played basketball/soccer at the Purina games along with Jet and Kilt.  They   (Jet and Kilt) are maniacs with the big ball.  I just wanted to see what Yoko thought of it.  I think she liked it

I took Jet and Kilt out later to the agility arena with the big ball.     Jet (twice) stuffed the ball into a tunnel and ran it through.  My, it was funny.  Kilt is so fast and never stops, unless I say "that'll do."  One of these days I will film the "pros."

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