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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ono Yoko.....

Yoko looking like a champion :0)

"Hey, Mom...I think we are up NEXT!"

Okay, I LOVE this little dog.  Is she the best herder ever?  No.  But, she is a fabulous tender, and makes it into the money in nursery and pro-novice, but is not exactly breeding material in my mind.  Is she spayed?  Yes.  Give me credit where credit is due. :0)

She will stand on her head for me outside of the trial arena.  Now, grant you, she has some OCD stuff going on.  I'm well aware of that.  But, what BC isn't a little odd?  She doesn't like "bugs."  If she thinks a fly has landed on her she almost has a seizure. 

Smart?  They don't come any smarter.  I can whisper any command outside of the trial arena and she does it instantly.  Get the drift here..."OUTSIDE" of the trial arena.  She will try anything for me just like her sire.  But, she has some "stress" issues he has never shown.

As soon as I start towards the arena or field, she starts squeaking (whining).  She is so exicted she is about to burst at the seams.  I laugh, pet her, tell her to relax, cock one leg, sigh, yawn....I try anything I can think of to get her to relax (to NO avail).

She doesn't listen anywhere near like she does outside of the trial area, but she listens just enough to make it into the money.  I'm just not sure HOW to get her to relax.  Her mother is a tense dog, and she seems to have inherited her tenseness with Jet's biddability.

I'd like for her to RELAX, but I've run out of ways to accomplish this other than waiting for her to age a few more years.  She was 3 yrs. old in January.  SUGGESTIONS?  I'm all ears. :0)

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