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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Once you have cancer...

Once you have cancer ALL problems are little (in comparison) to living.
I have noticed a lot of changes in myself after the diagnosis of cancer.  Little stuff doesn't bother me very much.  An unclean house doesn't bother me.  I spend my time ENJOYING each and every day.

There is something bothering me now, though.  My oncologist prescribes an annual petscan for me to see if I showed any signs of cancer.  I have biopsies every six months and a $5000 petscan annually.  'They' say if I make 5 yrs. cancer clean, I may have a chance to stay cancer free.   I'm in remission at 2 1/2 yrs. now.

I have my petscan done the other day and the walk upstairs to my oncologist's office to make an appointment to review the results.  Surprise!  She no longer works with that group of cancer docs.  No notice, no note, no nothing.  How cruel is that?  "You can talk to U.M., Ms. Anaya."  Why would I care to talk to Utilization Management?  My doctor didn't even have the decency to see if I was notified that she was leaving. 

I have changed my insurance from an HMO to a PPO.  Two new doctors are in the group.  But, neither are allowed to take PPO patients for the first 4 mos.  Nothing makes any sense anymore.  PPO's used to be the best insurance.  Not anymore.  Doctors used to be courteous and tell you when they were leaving their practice.

Hey, now I'm a freelancing cancer patient.  You know what folks.....YOU need to take care of YOURSELF.  Don't expect anyone to take CARE of you.  I've always known that, but it's still hard when you formed a health care partnership (relationship) and then you get dumped without any warning.  Kind of how you felt when dating as a teenager. Not a warm, fuzzy feeling.  That's for sure.

But, I will SURVIVE.  When I wake tomorrow, I will thank the good Lord for another day. :

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Karen said...

Not that I understand anything about an HMO or PPO, but that whole lack of courtesy, to a cancer patient at that, is just ridiculous!
Hope your scan was clear.
I've often thought that the people that make the decisions need to be dealing with the same things that the people they are making the decisions for are dealing with.
Mostly what comes to mind are judges, and some of the ridiculous sentences they pass.