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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sun Goddess

I don't think Jack Russell's come cuter than our JRT, Trouble.  She is an irish puddin' jack, not a Parson Russell Terrier.  I hear they are breeding too much for the conformation ring with the Parson's today.  The nice thing about puddin' jacks is that they are bred for temperament and working ability.  Kind of like the true working Border Collie.  Noone cares whether their ears are up or down, etc.
Trouble will be 9 yrs. old in May. Her granddmother died a peaceful death at the age of 23.  OMG.  Trouble has a very demure temperament, but when she wants something....look out.  She most likely will get it.  She is smarter than the BC's, I think.  I absolutely adore her.  So does my husband.
In this video she offers me a sneeze when I don't say anything to her.  That is her default behavior.  Jet's default behavior is covering his eyes.  Kilt's is barking.  Yoko shakes her head "no" and Xena sneezes, barks and shakes her head 'no.'  When they are not sure what I want, they will use a default behavior.  Then they will move on to offering other behaviors. 
Trouble is a sun goddess.  She will find rugs and matts and move them around the house in order to place them in the sun.  That is what she finally decided to do in this short video.  She moves with the sunlight.  Not totally true, because the other night I saw her lying in the moonlight.  She positioned herself so it shone directly on her.  I have never seen her do that before?

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Emma Rose said...

She really is adorable :)