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Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Dustin

Today is my son's 38th birthday.  He was conceived on the 4th of July and born on April Fool's Day. :0)
I'm hoping my son makes CHIEF (CPO) in the Navy this year.  That way he won't have to travel these last few years and I won't have to take his damn parrot. :0)  Anyways, he deserves to be Chief.  Hey, only his Mom talking here.  I just wrote a letter to my grandson who is in Naval boot camp in the Great Lakes. My grandson was the BEST thing my son ever did.  Dustin Sr.and Dustin Jr.  He graduates next month. After the 2nd week they made him the Education Petty Officer.  He enlisted as an E3. Not sure what all that means, but it sounds positive.  These are my ONLY boys...son and grandson, and I couldn't be prouder of them.
I just got a letter from my grandson in boot camp.  I told him not to write knowing he had lots to write to his mother and girlfriend, etc.  But, being the fab grandson he is, I got a short letter.  He said, "Honestly, boot camp is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be and it's nearly over."  Love that child.

Both boys I introduced to animals at an early age.  My son got his first pony when he was 6 yrs. old.  He kept that pony (Molly) for about 6 mos.  He was at a barn with me one day and he overheard that someone wanted a pony for their little girl.  Without any prompting, he sold his pony to those people and made twice as much money as I paid for the pony. I always knew from then on he would be successful in life.  He did a little Jr. handling with our Aussies and he rode at a barn until he was about 8 or 9 yrs. old.  That was it.  It really wasn't his bag. :0)  Now, he just has a parrot.   LOL

Now, my grandson was a natural.  I started him with riding lesson at about 9 yrs. of age.  I even bought him a saddle.  He took lessons for about 6 mos. until other interests came his way.  But, he always was and is very animal savvy.  We took him to agility trials when we first started agility.  I was too embarrassed to get out in front of people with our just started Labrador back then.  Soooo...our grandson trialed her in agility.  He was fabulous.  And, we got so much JOY watching him.  Xena was just a started dog and did some stupid things in the ring with him.  But, he handled her like a pro.  I remember one time in a jumpers class when Xena landed wrong and stopped short holding up her leg like it was broken.  Dustin at such a young age, stopped, went over and checked her out, said, "Thank-you" to the judge and left the ring.  We all got the giggles because Xena pranced out of the ring without any limp at all.  Dustin just smiled and shook his head.  All of our dogs are simply CRAZY about him.  Occasionally, he will even handle Jet on sheep.  This is what he says to Jet...."Go GET 'EM."  Cracks me up.  My grandson can do no wrong.  We are simply BLESSED.

Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my son today.  The birth of my son was the greatest event of my life. That's a whole 'nother story.   One more quick story.  One time I ordered on line a fake $5.00 dollar bill that looked real, except it had my son's picture on it.  I stopped at a convenience store on his birthday when he was in his preteens.  I asked him to run in and buy a couple of things.  I gave him the fake $5 bill to pay with.  IMAGINE his surprise, because yes, the store manager caught the fake bill and showed it to my son.  The store door opened and I heard, "MA!"  LOL...I still get tears in my eyes over that joke.  Hey, he was born on April Fools Day.  We have to some fun with it.

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Karen said...

What a lovely tribute to your boys! Laughed at the 5 dollar bill story.
Once for a friend's birthday, I tried to put her picture on a $100 bill. I photoshopped it in there, and then found it fascinating that the printer would not print it out anywhere close to the size of a real $100 bill. I either had to make it much bigger or much smaller. Gee,I wonder why:)?