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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Walk-Up Whisper

Whisper with her Valentine's Day collar on....SWEET

This is Whisper, Yoko's sister who lives in Canada.  Yoko and Whisper have the exact same expressions.  It's almost eerie. Whisper got to work stock for the first year of her life, but Karen found it too expensive to drive the many hours for lessons.  Karen says,"It's hard to believe she was bred to be out in the fields pushing sheep, because she loves being in the limelight for large events."  Whisper is the poster child for CDART (Canadian Disaster Animal Response Team) and is an active participant with Critteraide. I don't know anything about these organizations, but they sound very charitable. Whisper is involved with obedience and tracking. Doesn't matter whether they are working sheep or not, I'm just so happy that all five of our pups (our only litter, thus far) are happy in life-long homes They all are in the 'perfect' homes. :0)

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gvmama said...

Why wouldn't she like to be in the limelight? Look at her sire :0)