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Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring is here

This is by the side porch.  Everything is budding and starting to flower, even the lilacs.

The sheep grazing with the neighbors cattle looking on.   The cow and her baby are fond of any interaction.  They are very curious about the sheep.

Yoko doing an outrun around the agility arena to keep an eye on the sheep.  Go Yo! 

The sheep grazing at the far end of the agility arena.  Our house is up in the right hand corner of the photo.  I love Green Valley...always have :0)

My roses are budding.  I have about 30 rose bushes, maybe more.

Got a cute shot of the bull calf.  I call him Bully 4 U

Momma cow says, "My what big teeth you have Yoko."  She loves Yoko.  She always moos at the fence for Yoko.  Yoko isn't sure about feeling the "love" back.  Yoko loves working cows. 

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Karen said...

Very nice! And it's so green:)