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Monday, March 28, 2011

Sheep in the dog yard

Yoko watching our sheep in the dog yard.  In some places the grass is high.  I'm on the injury list (herniated disc) and Wayne is working lots of overtime.  So, I thought I'd let the sheep be the lawn mowers.

Trouble was less than pleased about the sheep being in her dog yard.

Yoko is protecting the rose bush in the barrel.

Trouble resorted to 'high ground' while the sheep were in the dog yard.

Palomino (our only wether) took the group for a tour of the porches.

I think they were quite impressed with their tour....certainly, very curious.

Okay, Yoko now guarding the porches.  No more sheep on the porch.

Trouble, don't come down off the igloo quite yet.  I think they see you.  Stay tuned for tomorrow.


Karen said...

From the first picture....it looks like you have quite a variety of animal life in your dog yard:)
You must have had a little clean up on the porch afterwards, or do did the dogs take care of that:)?
All the best with your back.

gvmama said...

Oh yeah...wild ponies, Flamingo and Quail, too. 9mm cervical disc herniation :0( So sad...headed for the OR.