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Friday, March 25, 2011

Lambs are weaned

It doesn't get better than this.  I put Yoko on a stay in the lamb pen while I went to get my camera. When I shut the door of my truck I had 20 lambs at my feet.  One thing Yoko knows is "to bring sheep to Mom."
Unhappy that she didn't stay...I don't think so :0)  This is such great experience for Yoko getting to work cows, unruly goats, sheep, and now, just weaned lambs.  You can't beat the experience she is getting. 

Yo getting up close and personal with the lambs.  They are just as curious about her.

Yoko stopping in at the water trough with the lambs.

Yo is talking to the larger ram on the right in this picture.  When she gets still, watch out.
Actually, she was wonderfully calm with the lambs. Lamb-mistress Yoko.

Scooping some off the rail in her standard fashion...nose almost on the ground.

Just figuring out how to move them...no problem for Yoko.  She has them dialed in.  I missed some photos of Yoko when she first came into the round pen with the lambs, because my camera was still in my truck.  Interestingly enough, she used what I call avoidance behavior.  I'm not sure that is the correct word to use.  She went wide around the lamb feeder with her nose on the ground sometimes pretending to sniff the ground.
Not a single lamb moved.  Some were even lying down in the sun.  Once she got to the back side of the group she lifted her head and went to work.  It used to disturb me, but now it only intrigues me.  This is how Yoko introduces herself to new situations and stock.  I'm beginning to think it is an instinctive wild hunting dog behavior.  It's as if she tries to camouflage herself until she has them completely dialed in.  Yoko is a "thinker."  I love that about her.  Wayne says she sometimes OVERTHINKS the situation.

Getting around the lambs on the fence.

Pushing lambs through a small area

Relaxing (tending) while the lambs graze


Karen said...

I think you are right with your thoughts on her avoidance behaviour. Just like any animal or human would do to allow themselves to get in close without disturbing the 'prey'. Come in at an angle, not looking at them.

gvmama said...

It's very interesting. Neither of her parents do this behavior. I do believe it is a predator/prey behavior. Not exactly what I'd like for trialing, but it is Yoko and I adore Yoko. :0)

gvmama said...
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