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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yoko and swimming friends

Yoko has been nicknamed "The BEAV"

Yoko shown with her sister, Flo (on the left) and Staynes (lab mix) on the right.  They are swimming in the tributary at Jalama that flows out to the ocean.   Staynes is an amazing water dog.

But, Staynes who is almost 12 had a hard time keeping up with 3 yr. old Yoko.  Staynes, sorry ol' buddy, I think you need to pass the golden water baton to the BEAV.  She doesn't make a ripple in the water.

Flo, Yo's sister, is quite the swimmer, too.  But, Flo paddles with her front legs in an outward fashion.  Yoko swims like a Lab without a ripple and can outdo her sister when it comes to speed in the water.

Yoko thought about taking a break on the other side of the tributary.  Staynes sometimes tries to drown her to get hold of the stick.  He is a cheater.  She knows it.

Could you find a bigger log, Yoko?

Staynes and Yoko are in disbelief!  Is that Kilt going for a swim?

Kilt says, "Gosh darn it...no one is going to out do me! Look, I'm in the water and I found something"
(Kilt can swim.....but it is not her favorite thing to do)

"See, I have something.  Okay, maybe it's just seaweed, but that counts for something!"

Yoko says, "Pssst, good job Mom....the water is shallow here, you can touch now."

The winner....Yoko AKA The Beav (Gotta love the "hair" DO)


Karen said...

Swimming....great exercise, little stress on the joints. Great photos:) Trouble doesn't know what she is missing!

gvmama said...

We laughed so hard at Kilt. Even if she dislikes something, but it means being the center of attention, she's going to do it. She looked so stupid holding her seaweed. hahahaha