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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Now we're having fun!

Out of pure boredom I decided to bring the sheep up to the agility ring to graze.

While they were grazing I got to thinking it might be fun to move them around the obstacles with my dogs.

I set up some jumps and the let the games begin!

What I found was funny was that Yoko and Kilt couldn't do agility while the sheep were in the arena.  They were all about their sheep.  Yoko did get in the weaves once, but did "one step, one step, one step" stalking sheep all the way through the weaves.  I laughed so hard.  Now Jet bonded with agility way before sheep.  He was able to some obstacles, but it still was mixing him up....."Should I do agility or should work sheep?"
Anyway, we all had a grand time until the sheep said, "To heck with this."  At the very end when you see them run out of the agility arena, Palmomino, the big wether jumps like 6 feet over Yoko's head.

What a fine group of agile sheep...especially, the Barbs!

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Karen said...

That was fun! I'd like to see one of those sheep go through a tunnel:)
When we last had a bottle lamb I briefly considered trying to do some agility with it, but doing a few jumps was as far as I got.
Somewhere on youtube I saw a border collie pushing a soccer ball through weave poles and over a teeter. (they had put little edges on the side of the teeter to keep the ball in place). Considered that with Luna too....