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Friday, February 11, 2011

Electronic Age

I'm trying to keep up with the "new age." But, sometimes it's a bit confusing. I updated my iphone and lost all my contacts. Now, I'm trying to learn all about hotspots and wifi since I got an ipad for my birthday. Plus, on top of that, my hospital has just gone to the electronic medical record....everything is done on the computer. And, in March all of our medications will be done with a wand (like the grocery store) across the patient's arm band. I have to wheel the huge "cow" computer into the patient's room to admit them, give medications, etc. All of these things take TIME. It really eats up patient care time. So be it. That's how it is going to be. I have to learn to go with the flow.

The one thing I really like about my ipad is the kindle. If I had known how much I would have liked to read 'electronically' I would have bought a kindle ages ago. I am already on my third book. It's nice that you just press a button and bing badda bing it takes to you to the page you left off on. Plus, the ipad is alot easier on my eyes than my iphone. Though, I can carry my iphone in my scrubs back pocket and I have all my drug books, etc. downloaded on my phone. Cool, eh?

See...you can teach an old dog new tricks. :0)

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Karen said...

You are waaaaaaay more 'with it' than me. Not sure I would be ready to having a real book in my hands though:)