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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tough Customer

That's my Keen-Eye Kilt.  I had a chuckle when I looked on the USBCHA site and saw that we actually have 3.2 open points for 2011 taking 9th place both days at the Porterville sheepdog trial on tough range sheep. Well, I sent in my annual dues today.  Never know...we might pick up a few more points throughout the year.  :0)

Last night we looked at Kilt and half of her front toenail was sticking straight up in the air.  She had split it horizontally.  She never let us know.  This bitch can take a lickin' and keep on tickin.'  Of course, my nail clippers and emergency dog gear is in our trailer parked at Camper World.  Wayne had to get out his tool box and do some toenail work.  Kilt never blinked. 

I would so like to breed her this coming heat cycle, but I'm afraid she will wreck our trial season.  I guess it all depends on when she comes in.  She usually comes in only once a year.  I don't want her to wreck the trial season, but, also,  I don't want her to wreck us going to Jalama over Christmas this year.  I already put in for vacation time.  Hmmmmmm  Another dilemma. 

I'm off to an AKC judging seminar today. I enjoy hearing what they are looking for and the new changes coming up in their herding program.  I have my judge's license. The problem is, I don't have TIME to judge, because I work every other weekend at the hospital.  And, if there is a local AKC trial with a field course, I'm putting Yoko in it.  You have to attend a judge's herding seminar with AKC every 3 years to maintain your license.  Three years ago, while I was attending the judge's seminar, Kilt decided to have her puppies.  It was her first litter.  Wayne was here for the last half of the birthing.  He handled it very well with help over the telephone from my friends.  And, that's how YOKO came to be :0)

My grandson with Yoko

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