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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tending the lambs

It is important for Yoko to learn that all sheepwork isn't on the move.  I like my dogs to be still, to be able to tend, to just watching quietly, as Yoko is doing with the new lambs.

The lambs are just as curious as to whom Yoko is.  They feel comfortable going up to her.

Yoko loves cows, but to heck with tending cows.  She is telling this Angus steer a thing or two!


Karen said...

Can you do that with Kilt? Somehow I'm thinking she wouldn't look quite as relaxed:)
Like the red and white lambs. We've had black and white, do you have to have a red and white border collie to herd the red and white lambs? LOL

gvmama said...