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Friday, January 14, 2011

It's lambing time :0)

At Task Farms today, some 22 lambs had been born.  They have an overhang shelter in the large pen, but it has been unseasonably COLD and wet this winter and lambing began a bit earlier than wanted this year.  So, a make-shift infirmary was set up for the little ones that needed a bit of a boost. And, a very large stock trailer was placed next to the sheep barn for the new strong lambs to be housed in. 

One of several sheep pens.  You can see how sloppy wet it has been.

Sheep in labor.  Her friend keeping a close watch.

Infirmary.....lambs that needed a little help.

Newly born lambs are being kept in a very large stock trailer. 

Momma watching her baby nursing.

Awwww...little lambikins

The ranch has a few porkers, chickens, and geese, too.

Baaaa Ram  Ewe!


Karen said...

It does look cold in the first picture:(
Now mud we can relate to, and I like the sheep agility equipment!

gvmama said...

ahhh I had to think for a moment. Agility equipment for GOATS! Only 1 goat at the moment, but he climbs the obstacles.