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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Magic Kingdom

Look what a gorgeous day it turned out to be at Disneyland.  Above, the Matterhorn.

I'm no shrinking violet at almost 61 yrs. old when it comes to FUN!   Dustin and I went on Space Mountain two times, Indiana Jones, Goldrush, Matterhorn, and anything else that was fast and fun.    I  would have gone on Space Mountain for a third time, but I think my Grandson was getting tired.   Though, I did pop a Motrin when it was time to leave.  haha  I think a few of those rides rearranged some of my discs.

I'm so glad we stayed until way past dark.  Everything really is magical then.

We spent lots of fun trying on different hats at the Mad hatter.  This one was a favorite!

Yeah...this is the best hat, no doubt.  Grandson, Grandma, both Mad as a Hatter.  hahaha

Did I fail to mention that I went with my grandson and family?  We drove down together. Dustin Jr. is going into the Navy in February just like his father, Dustin, Sr.  He is the light of my eyes.  They both are good kids.  Both are very giving.

And, this is Dustin's mother, Jennifer and his step brother, Nathan, on the Dumbo ride.

This is Dustin's aunt, Kym and her 3 yr. old son, Liam.  They are watching it start to snow at Disneyland.  (all make believe)...but, pretty neat, I might add.  Pretty spectacular through a child's eyes.

 I love this picture of Dustin.  We were in the Haunted Mansion and the cars broke down for a little bit.  Dustin was in the front car.  He leaned around to look back at me saying, "I don't this is part of the ride."
Dustin is so much fun.  We like so many of the same things.  He is a joy to be around.

I asked Dustin if he would ride the Carousel with me after all day of roller coasting it.  He dutifully obliged as a good grandson should.  But, of course, I couldn't resist photographing him "texting" as we went around.

Wow...I didn't want to leave.  I had such a wonderful time.  It truly is the "Magical Kingdom."


Jenny Glen said...

You are taunting me with the Happiest Place on Earth. I'll trade you places! I'll take the Disneyland snow and you can take the real snow up here.
I didn't go home this year and missed my annual trip to see Mickey. My parents have a season pass (since they are 5 min away) and go "just for dinner" some times. Sigh.

livin life said...

I LOVE Disneyland! And it is even more magical this time of year. Only thing I can't get over is how warm it is. Too weird they put lights on palm trees :) Thanks for sharing.....the happiest place on earth!