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Friday, December 10, 2010

Boring, but necessary


The above is a short flick of Kilt walking her sheep.  Boring, but necessary.  Sometimes she tries to speed up on her flanks and I down her instantly. Overall, she is doing better.  This is day 3 of walking sheep.  Sometimes she stops on her own.  I'd rather that, than speeding up,  because, I know she will be wired for sound at the trials. :0)

Even though...walking, walking, walking, is boring, just check out the scenery!  I was lazy today on my day off from work and instead of driving 25 min. to rolling hills in the desert, I stopped 15 min. away at the flat lands.  I don't live in the desert and never used to like the desert, but after working the dogs so much in the desert, I've changed my opinion.  There is something to enjoy in just about any scenery.

Someone very kindly put stakes in the ground...about 200 feet by 200 feet.  This gave me a perfect rectangle to drive my dogs around.  Above Jet is pictured.  Jet is 10 yrs. old and puts both of the girls to shame.  He can have the sheep "shave" the ground stakes as they pass by. 

Jet, you don't know how much I will miss you when you are gone.  When the girls screw up, I bring you out to show us how it should be done.  Your feel on sheep...they can't hold a candlestick to, at least not yet.

 I think there might be something pretty darn special about this blackbelly Barb lamb, do ya think?


Karen said...

Yes, lovely scenery. I do love the wide openness of it. I'd never be one to live in a tiny enclosed clearing in the trees, unless there was a bit of a view to something farther away.
And I even see green:)
Love the Christmas touch...Rudolph's understudy:)

Anonymous said...

Those are some nice square flanks

gvmama said...

But, notice how on her first flank..the speed of it and how she affects the sheep...geez. Sheep love Jet and Yoko. They fear Kilt.
Flanks is a whole 'nother topic. Who needs square flanks and who doesn't. :0)

Erin O said...

Nicely done. She looks the softest and supplest I've ever seen her. She's really thinking instead of just doing!
Definitely more on the bit.

gvmama said...

Thank-you Erin. She thinks I've lost my mind. :0)

Erin O said...

Well, it is a change in the rules. Dog's don't like it when the rules get changed :)

Really it is amazing to me how I can see when a dog is softer, rounder and in hand. As opposed to strung out, hard and running through the bridle so to say. I see more and more the strength in the softness, like a highly schooled dressage horse.

Sometimes these things just hit me between the eyes!

gvmama said...

Funny you say that. I was just thinking the same thing. Tomorrow's blog is about horses and dressage!