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Monday, November 15, 2010



My dear Suzanne:
I made this odd trinket just soley for you (and fastened the stones with E-Poxy glue.)
They were not found in a tomb on the Nile or the land of the Inca, as thought for a while.
They were mined by a surgeon and that is not all, they are directly a product of grandmother's
gall and right near the center there is one you can see.  This odd little fellow came right out of me.
(It is the one I always called Sidney because it fell from a crypt in your grandfather's kidney.)
Now always remember, if you are down on your luck,  this unusual present is sure worth one 'buck.'

Love from Grandpa

Lately, or certainly for the latter half of this year, my 60th year, I have been doing a "life review."  It is interesting to see where you came from, how you have evolved, forgive those that you felt did you wrong, forgive yourself if you feel you have wronged others.  Take a good look at yourself...what do you see?  Well, I see Sidney from my grandfather's kidney and a whole lot more that I am so very thankful for.

Since grandpa gave me that trinket at age 10, I wonder if he secretly knew I would become a nurse?
(My grandmother was a registered nurse)  :0)


Karen said...

That is one heck of a keepsake, there'll be no other one like that:)
The poem is hilarious, love it!
Your grandpa was quite a character:)

gvmama said...

He was my first "loss" in my life as true for many in their teens and early 20's. Devastating. I absolutely adored him and wished that I had more time with him. Even though he was my mother's father, he had that same quiet wit about him like my Pop.