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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall equals desert time

Kilt pacing herself (She is so much better this year.)  She is like a freight train driving sheep.  That's one of the things I LOVE about her.....her intensity and her push.  She lacks Jet and Yoko's natural outrun.  Oh yeah...she can go the distance, but "they" have a natural kick at the top that is hard to beat. 

That's my girl! (Slinky Stinky)

Kilt having a bit of fun doing short flanks to make the sheep go through the water.

 Yoko did lovely work ALL morning.  Just when I want to give her to my husband for agility (and, a world class agility dog she would make) she does something to impress me on sheep.  Yo doesn't have her mother's drive, but she has her father's finesse and outrunning ability and on occasion just when I call her a wimp, she shows me a whole other side of her.  This morning the lead sheep didn't want to get into the trailer.  Yoko popped him on the nose and #311 as well.  She did some rodeo work while I didn't say a word.  I love moments like that....HOT DAMN!  I got a stockdog here.  I'm not sure she is USBCHA material (even though she qualified for the Nursery Finals), but we'll give her some more chances.  She is a great little farm dog.  I asked her to do a 500 yd. outrun this morning in the desert.  It was picture perfect.

On occasion we actually see someone else in the desert.  Not too often, though.  Jet and Kilt are holding the sheep.  Yoko is with the trailer as a truck with some dirt bikes in it passes by.

Yoko holding a line on a dirt road.  I have offered Yoko to my husband, but he has not yet shown me enough interest to get back into "competitive" agility.  He teaches agility, but he appears to have lost his drive.  My offer still stands.  I have Yoko trained in the basics.  She is fast and careful about keeping bars up.  She would be the best agility dog he ever had.  I'm not going to do both.  One sport is enough for me.  But, I'm willing to share the wealth.  Wayne?  Oh, hello, Wayne?????

Wayne and Jet on their way to set sheep for me and the girls, Kilt and Yoko.  This is with my zoom zoomed all the way.  They are walking about 500 yds. out.

I can't imagine a prettier place to work my dogs in the winter.  I could outrun them a mile if I so desired.  It is perfectly flat and then with wonderful rolling hills.  Even if I only have until March to work my dogs out there, it is worth it for me to trailer out.  They get to stretch out their outruns.  Come March, come deadly Mohave Green rattlers.  No more desert (for me) until fall again.


Karen said...

I think I'd like California in the Spring and Fall:)
As for Wayne, well if he doesn't really want to, you sure can't make him:)

gvmama said...

Ain't that the truth.