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Monday, November 1, 2010

Conscious Error?


I have told you about my friend, Bob (the one who makes me think so hard my brain hurts.)  Normally, 99% of the time, I disagree with him and miraculously we are still friends. :0)  This time, I AGREE with him and like what he is demonstrating here.

Enjoy the TWO videos.  The reason I agree with his thinking is because Kilt is just like Bart.  She knows exactly how to do the behavior asked for, but she gets a lot more laughs if she throws in a few fun twists.  Take, for instance, the ring on the pole trick.  It's pretty neat to watch the dogs take each ring and carefully place it on the pole.  When it comes to Kilt's turn, she throws a ring in the air and acts as funny as she can.  The more people that laugh (including myself) the funnier she makes the routine.  Then, I can say, "that's it,  young lady, YOU are losing your turn."  With that, she walks over and very carefully places the ring on the pole.

Bart most defintely knows the "balls" go in the can and the "socks" go in the basket.  What Bob and I have here, are "HAMS"....vaudeville performers in the true canine sense!

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Karen said...

Bart looks like he is really enjoying himself. The way he plays with that ball makes me think of how Luna plays with one. I can see her being a ham like that.
With Jake, a ball is all business, meant to be thrown.