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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Being mindful

Ever notice how many 2 yr. old dogs just love to run?  Sometimes, Yoko takes off on her outrun at neck breaking speeds.  There will come a time (maybe) that she will need to "think" a little before take off.  It's just SO much fun to run. :0)  Yoko is a lot like Jet.  Soft, easy dogs that just want to do everything right. 

Kilt has been anything BUT an easy, soft dog. Kilt needed and still does at times what I call "grinding down" on.  I believe I took that term from an article Candy Kennedy wrote.  It was a good article.  If you can find it, read it.  Instead of just taking off, I sometimes have to stop her immediately and maybe a few more times in order to get her to think....not just take off.  I need her to be "mindful" of what she is doing.

Every dog matures at a different rate and I certainly wouldn't grind down on a soft or novice dog.  I have several dogs in mind right now that would benefit from a "grinding."  LOL  I was never hard enough or knew what I was doing with Kilt.  I had been spoiled by Jet.  Kilt turns 6 yrs. old next month and she is really trying to think now. 

Gotta love a thinking dog.

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