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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Singing Lobster

It seems we have been spring cleaning for years. My grandson was helping me go through some 350 CD's to see what I could part with, what I could download to my ipod, etc. the other day. I said with despair, "How come we have so much junk." In his 19 yr. old wisdom he said, "Because you have always had this much junk." It is what it is. I give to Good Will boxes and boxes and it never seems to make a dent. Oh well...live with it. And, that we do.

Now back to the singing lobster. I found I couldn't part with my battery operated singing lobster and also, Billy, the singing bass. They put a smile on my face and make me laugh. Plus, I have tormented my dogs over the years with both. BUT......I hadn't tormented two year old Yoko (yet).

"Wayne ...let Yoko in from outside. Dustin, push the button to make the lobster sing and stand up on it's tail." Poor Yoko. She was at first undecided which she should do first; hug Dustin whom she dearly loves or investigate and bite that darn singing lobster in the middle of the kitchen floor. She did both. We all had a good laugh and Yoko passed her initiation. :0)