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Saturday, September 25, 2010

AHBA (mini nationals)

The sheep at the AHBA HTAD trial this morning were exactly like the sheep at the Nationals.  They leaned on the dog something fierce on the fetch, you had to shhh as fast as you could around the post, they ran the first drive panel and then stop, go, stop, go through the crossdrive panel and ended up penning nicely.  I got the giggles.  Glad I watched a few National runs before I took off to the local trial!
http://www.todocast.tv/500films/2010NationalSheepdogFinals/   Sign up to watch the live cam of the finals.
Tomorow will be the finals.  Today is the semi-finals.

Yoko was taking names and kicking ass.  She might have beat her mother if she hadn't had a false start.  Her fetch was way off line, but she held that pressure.  Yo refused to take a down command from me because she was telling me she couldn't dare down and let go of the pressure :0)  She did great.  Her mother beat her for HIT, Yoko took Reserve.
They didn't have a shed today...just a ribbon pull.  Tomorrow is the shed.  Perfect.  This gives me a GREAT excuse to call in sick tomorrow and run all 3 dogs in HTAD.  Plus, get home ASAP from the trial to grab a few beers and watch the finals.  Whoo Hoo!

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DeltaBluez Tess said...

Yes, I think you look ill!! Must work dogs to get rid of the sickness. ;-)

Call in sick! Heal with dogs