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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What can we dream up now?

Here are the BC kids and one JRT outside waiting for the next clicker challenge.
Bart is starting from the top of the bench. Next he will jump off and get a ball that is on the ground over by the planters.

Jet is showing the next part...picking up the ball and traveling "under" the bench.

Kilt is at the end of the challenge putting the ball into a bucket. The whole idea is to have a relay with 6 Border Collies. They all start on top of the bench. The first one jumps off, grabs a ball and zips under the bench and places the ball in the bucket and then the next one goes.....
We find our dogs are fabulous "social learners." Mimicry is a great learning. Most of the time when I am training I like a quiet area for me and just one dog. When I am at Bob's ALL of the dogs are close by and watching intently. You would be amazed what they learn just by observing.
We don't leave them on stays...they just know to wait until it is their turn. They didn't care it was hot outside. They were just darn glad to be enjoying a new challenge. And, they were so happy to be with each other in a social setting. Very cool and very entertaining.


Karen said...

Wow! Make sure to take a video of that team. Makes me want to try something like that. Do you use a clicker?

gvmama said...

I CLICK everything. Read tomorrow's post and you will understand why. :0)