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Thursday, August 5, 2010


How nice to have Bryan White (of Honest Dog) http://stores.homestead.com/AKWStudio/StoreFront.bok)
bring Scoop out to Task Farms to work today. I am so used to working by myself secondary to "location" that I sometimes forget how much fun it is to have a friend to work with. :0)
I got to show Bryan all of the exercises I have been working on. Scoop did a fine job with all of the exercises. It is fun because Yoko and Scoop are about in the same place with shedding, etc. Yoko is upright and a bit loose eyed and Scoop is like a locomotive with lots of eye.
We did shedding with the whole flock, shedding with the 8 rams, some pen work with the rams and a little two by two work in the field; sorting two sheep away from the flock and letting the dog work just two sheep. It was fun and interesting to watch the different styles in which all 4 dogs worked.
Afterwards we went down to the corner cafe for lunch and sat on the porch with our dogs next to us. The weather felt like beach weather. It has been fabulous. My 3 BC's were offering behaviors for french fries. It was pretty cute. All, but the JETman...he held out for turkey and turkey is what he got.
We got a chance to discuss a little of everything. I'm wishing Bryan and Scoop the very best of luck at Lacamas. They may need it with their draw order. Ahh...we even found something optimistic to say about that. :0) Safe travels my Jalama friends, Bry and Allison.

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