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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Clicker class

A few pics from tonight's clicker class:

Kilt bringing the sheep and lambs up to show off to the class
Dave not sure he wants to drive his Mercedes by the sheep, but Kilt has them well under control.

Trouble cheering on the new class mates from her pink and silver couch.

Sadie the Sheltie watching. Dave and his Westie Pearl seeing the tunnel for the first time. This Westie is going to be DYNAMITE at agility.

The hybrid doing the low dog walk. This was her fifth class and she is now quite comfortable around the other people and new dogs. I love to see the transformation.
My favorite, Stan...here he is showing how he has learned to target.

Jessica showing how Brandy can target low and target high.

Monday night clicker class is growing......by word of mouth. I don't advertise. I have enough to do just working my Borders on stock. Oh, but I do enjoy "teaching." Nothing gives me more pleasure than to be able to show someone how smart their dog is and how appreciative their dog is that they are working with them. There is nothing sadder than to see a dog chained to a tree all day. Well, there are sadder things, but I'd rather not think about them.

Tonight I have 2 RN's and 1 LVN joining our clicker class from the hospital where we work. What fun! I have been giving them written information on clicker training while at work. No one has ever asked to come to class. Yesterday all 3 happened to be not working today, so they are carpooling to clicker class in Green Valley. What an adventure for them. The city people are coming to the mountains. I told them, wear tennis shoes, and bring a coat.

I will take a few photos of tonight's learning adventure. Maybe I'll have Kilt bring the sheep up the driveway around the agility arena for a few giggles. Anything for a few laughs. First night students are always a bit too serious. :0)

Tonight's students include 1/2 wolf, GSD, English Bulldog, Westie, Lhaso Apso, and a Sheltie. The 1/2 wolf scared me a bit the first few classes. I couldn't "click" with her. Her eyes were shifty and I wasn't sure if she was going to bite me, to tell you the truth. But, she decided at the 3rd or 4th class that I was WONDERFUL. I am now greeted with a wolf smile and a huge front paw wave as soon as she catches sight of me. Even if my husband is teaching as soon as I walk out to the arena, class stops until the hybrid has greeted me. I'm quite honored.


Karen said...

Don't you find that all the lesson dogs love you. You know, you aren't stressed, are always upbeat, reward at the right time, and are generous with the rewards:) At least that's what I find with the lesson dogs, they are always happy to see me. (I help teach agility at our club)

gvmama said...

They are so EXCITED that they get to do something and here's that UPBEAT person making it even more fun...yep, you're right!