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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yoko's new experiences

This was a fabulous trip to the Pacific Northwest for Yoko. Yoko is very much her father, with a few bitchy genes from her mother. I found out just how resilient Yo is. Whenever she had a "melt-down" she popped right back without any repercussions.

With each run and she ran 7 times over the two weekends she just got better and better. She was progressively figuring things out along with her huge desire to PLEASE. I held NO expectations for Yoko. Basically, I wanted her to have good experiences with as little pressure from me (or the sheep...for that fact) as possible. I knew she would be running on light Kahtadins and also, heavy black faced Scotties. I made a huge mistake running her at Porterville on the Deer Creek range sheep. She was over-faced. So, it was important to me that she have a fine time while in trialing in Washington. And, that she did.

By her 2nd run at Whidbey, she figured out her outrun and lift. There was NO need for me to whistle her at the top. She had gorgeous wide and deep outruns and figured out her balance along with soft lifts like her sire. And, with each run she was figuring out her drives. I don't think I ever had to say a discouraging word once to this pup. I was dang pleased with everything she did, with the exception of her jumping in the sheep's faces at the pen. That will pass with more confidence and close-up work.

Her last nursery run at MacDonalds they left the open panels where they were and I heard the course was through the right drive panel and back to the pen which was gateless. I figured they shortened the course due to using 3 black faced tired, foot sore Scotties. The first dog retired. The judge didn't do handler meetings. I ran the course that I had in my head and other than heeling the slow sheep a few times, Yoko was fabulous. That's when I found out they were doing the cross drive, too. I should have checked with the judge. It was my fault and a lesson was learned.

But, it was okay...Yo didn't know we were off course. She ended the trials on a HIGH note with lots of loving. I think Yoko is ready for a silent gather contest. I'm betting on my pup. She does it "Yo-Style."

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