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Thursday, July 22, 2010

She does it because she CAN....

Yep, Bob Stevens hit the nail on the head. I asked him about Kilt. Sometimes when I give her a quick walk up whistle she will zip around the sheep and bite the lead sheep on the nose. His answer...yes, you guessed it.....She does it because she CAN.

Now Kilt is too old to be doing such adolescent stuff. And, truly, I'm not a shrinking violet type of handler. It's just that Kilt is a lot of dog for me. She adores me, but she has way more respect for herself than for me when it comes to livestock. Even though she might have been a national contender with another handler, I'm glad I kept her. It's not that I really like to struggle. It's because she is teaching me SO much.

I usually hear....."if you don't get along with the dog, do the dog and yourself a favor ...sell the dog to somebody else." I understand that "if" this is more than just a hobby for you. This is not my living and it never will be. It's just a fun sport for me and my dogs. There is no need to send my dogs out for training. There is no need for me to go buy a trained open dog. I'm a Capricorn. We succeed at our own pace with a never give up attitude. :0)

My satisfaction comes from me working with my dogs. I like to figure out why some things are working and some things aren't. I ask questions. I encourage input. And, I will drive a pretty good distance for a lesson if I run into a quandary. I like puzzles. It's like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. It's very much the same as the way I love my profession in nursing. You are always looking for the missing pieces....always trying to make the person whole.

Sometimes you get dogs such as Jet and Yoko who partner up immediately and will stand on their heads for you "and" sometimes you get a bitch like Kilt. A very talented bitch, but she does it because she CAN.

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