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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ram lambs.....all about YO

This is what I love about Yoko. She comes to work full of enthusiasm. Notice her great grandsire's Aled Owen's Bob ear is UP. Yoko is ALL about work and learning new tasks.
Today Yoko got to herd the "lightly" worked ram lambs. They required some finesse.

Oops....a couple of ram lambs want back into their normal pasture and are talking to Yoko.

Yoko doesn't have a nose bite (yet). But, she has her mother's "get TALL'" look.
I like a dog that gets TALL when being confronted. We are close to that nose bite. :0)

Here is Yoko penning the ram lambs on her own with me out of the picture. I am giving her a few directions, but actually letting her figure out this job on her own.

You can see the one ram about to break. Instead, of making a short wide flank to catch his eye, she nailed him. She got lucky. All three went into the pen. I didn't scold her. I don't want to lose her ability to "hotdog." Finesse will come later.

Here is Yoko penning with me standing in the corner of the pen. This gives her a chance to "push" the sheep with hopefully, not having to bite the sheep. Later I shut the pen gate with both of us inside and let her "heel" them around. Still no nose bite yet. It will come (I hope).

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