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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jet making the finals at the Mid-State Fair

This is Jet over the weekend in Paso Robles at an invitational stockdog trial. This was his qualifying run for the finals. His course work for the finals was better, but we had trouble with our shed and single. We got them, but not without losing points for failed attempts. This tied us for 4th. We received 5th and a few $$$. 1st went Shelly Parker and her nice open dog, Jake, 2nd to Mike Burks and Sport, 3rd to Mike Meredith and Gus, 4th to Jim Oxford and Lynn, 5th to Jet and me, 6th to Bill Swan and his lovely Cap.

In the video, it takes about a minute for them to set the sheep. They refused to set on the hay. They were a bit starstruck by the crowd. You will see that 3 of the sheep pull through at the cross drive. Jet was in a good position to not have that happen, but there was one skinny guy and one fat guy in a red shirt with his camera stuck through the rail right at the panel taking pictures. The sheep spooked and consequently pulled through. I was too late in noticing them from my position or I could have saved it. Luckily, it didn't hurt us too much and we got into the finals.

P.S. You hear someone say this is Jet's last run. Doubtful :0)....He is entered in Pleasanton over Labor Day. I love this dog with all my heart and soul and hand pick his trials for him. He is in good shape at his age considering he is also a master agility dog. Many people came back to the fair this year to watch the stockdog competition to see if Jet was there (with his lunch bag). :0)

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Karen said...

oooh, nice run!
Looking on the bright side, at least the photographers weren't totally clueless, and did have the sense to eventually back off the rail:)