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Monday, July 12, 2010

Cleaning and more cleaning

I HATE cleaning. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning...the house, the dogs, the trailers, the property...my gosh it's NON-STOP. It's even worse when you live on a mountain top, no grass, just DIRT. Okay...stop and be thankful, Suzanne. Take time to smell the roses. :0)

I have the Ragen Xtra Lite toy hauler for sale. We have already had a few nibbles this weekend. I think it is very reasonably priced. Wayne has added lots of extras and keeps his vehicles in good shape. It is 27 ft. sleeps 7 easily, has queen electric beds in the back and another queen in the front, on board generator, fuel station, couch, captain chairs, Kenwood stereo with in and outside speakers, awning, fabulous air conditioning, etc. etc. It can hold lots and lots of crates. I am downsizing. Instead of more, I want less.

My new Eco Scamper (used trailer) is 16 feet. Being a small trailer it doesn't have an onboard generator. I need a generator, because I can't live in So. California without air conditioning. Wayne and I lived for 10 yrs. in our house without air conditioning. My gosh....how did we do it? Ahhh...we were young and (stupid).

Today we went to Sally's to work dogs at her Lucky Ewe ranch and to look at her used Yamaha 3000 generator to possibly buy. The good news is we had a great time working dogs and the weather was wonderful. The bad news was that her generator appears to have been stolen out of one of her cargo storage buildings. On that note, we all went out to breakfast at Billy Bob's.

Oh well.....we did a bit of on-line pricing when we got home and ended up buying a brand new Yamaha 3000 iSEB for a great price and free shipping. Wayne and a welder from town designed and bolted into the frame of the Eco Scamper a rack to hold the generator and gas can. The nice thing about the generator is that I won't have to pick it up (yea) and it has a remote control electric start (double yea).

Go ahead...pamper me. I have been sleeping out of my truck for quite sometime now at the trials. The toy hauler is too big for me to feel comfortable trailering. My new trailer will fit me and my 3 BCs just fine. I have a queen bed, so if Wayne wants to come along, he can. But, for the most part, I'm usually traveling by myself with my dogs.

Back to cleaning...anyone want 300 CD's.....? Can I interest you in any videos? How about 50 or so nursing books? Time to let it go!

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