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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Class is in session

This is my friend Bob with my dog, Kilt relaxing on the couch. Bob has an unusual take on how Border Collies learn. Sometimes he speaks in paragraphs to them telling them how he would like something done. Doesn't matter. My dogs LOVE him. I think he is a bit "over the top"....a polite way of saying eccentric. But, I love him, too. He makes me THINK. He makes me think so hard, my brain hurts. That's why we probably don't see each other but a few times a year :0)
Class is in session. Bart, Riley, Yoko, Trouble (teacher's pet) Kilt, Jeddie, and Jet.

"Okay class.....Raise your paw when I call your name." "Jet."

Three very studious Border Collies listening intently to what Bob has to say.

Do not think for a moment that my four dogs aren't having a FABULOUS time.

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