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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yoko's first nursery win!

Pictured Jeanne, Moses (3rd place) with me and Yoko...judge Fiona McMillan from Scotland.

The little white faced bitch with the BIG grin that loves to HUG!
Yep, that's my Yoko. My little loose eyed girl. She's nothing stylish, not a whole lot of forward, but she has a TON of HEART and wants to do everything correctly. She's my partner.

The judge tried to take Moses back with her to Scotland. Wow....good going Jet and Kilt. What a fabulous dog he is! He is going to take Jeanne right to the top. No doubt there!

Yoko gained lots of experience at Whidbey. The best work I think she did was in pro-novice when the judge said "Call her in....I want to give her a re-run." As soon as Yo left the post the sheep started to book for the set-out.. They had just moved the flock back to the set-out. Yo ran as wide as the field would let her while the sheep ran to the far end of the field. She stopped them and picked them up like it was a day in the park. Quite frankly I was going to let her bring them clear down the field to the fetch panels. I think the judge thought that was a bit much. I called her in. Yoko did lots of nice stuff at this trial. We had a problem with her confidence at the pen. She got pretty beat up by the range ewes in Porterville, so we need some more experience and confidence coming in close without biting. It will all come in due time. Gotta love the Yo...she does it "Yo-Style."


Pat Grannan said...

Congrats ! Enjoy the rest of your Pacific Northwest trip.

Anonymous said...

The kids worked "great"

Erin O said...

I kinda like me a loose eyed nothing stylish type a dog ;) If it gets the job done, so be it :) Hurray Yo!

Monique said...

Congrats! It was a weekend for first wins!

gvmama said...

That's fer sure. You and Lucy ARE hard to beat. What a team. WooHoo!