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Friday, June 18, 2010

Whidbey Island

Here we are....Whidbey Island some 1200 miles later. Pictured is Kilt and Yoko at Joseph Whidbey Park, one of my very favorite places. I made the photo into a sketch. I kind of like it that way. :0) It was a gray day anyway.
The trip was uneventful other than I was sick as snot...3rd week of some bronchial virus. I haven't had bronchitis in years. Took a chest x-ray before I left just to make sure I wasn't traveling with pneumonia. It was okay. Took a Z-pak even though I knew it most likely was viral. At least the Zithromax would clear up any sinusitis. Coughed all 1200 miles here. I actually made it in less than 30 hours.
Wonderful to see my Navy son. Nice to be able to vege out a few days before the trial with him. Unfortunately, after dinner last night, I stood up and my back went into a major spasm. I guess from the driving and the "coughing." Vunderbar. Dig a ditch and bury the bitch. I'm feeling my age today.
Heading over to the trial site later this afternoon to meet up with my girlfriend, Jeanne B. It will be great to see her and to see Yoko's brother, Moses. Plus, I'll get to meet her newest addition from the Helsley's, a female puppy named Secret.
No puppy shopping here. I have my hands full with my girls. I'm kind of sad I didn't bring Jet. The weather is cool and I hear Patrick Shannahan will be here. I so would have liked him to see Jet work. I purchased Jet 10 years ago from Patrick and no dog will ever replace him in my heart. He has taught me everything I know about working dogs.
I'm looking forward to a great event, trialing and social.


Monique said...

Glad you got here safe and sound. See you this weekend!

gvmama said...

You and Lucy make a FABULOUS team. CONGRATULATIONS!

Monique said...

Thank you. It was a special day.