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Friday, June 11, 2010

Palomino AKA Devil ears

Here's our big flock...all nine of them. The lambs are still segregating themselves. There is safety in numbers. :0)
In earlier posts I talked about the "notorious" Speckles. Speckles didn't like the lambs, Speckles went to a very large flock on another ranch and is now a very happy camper. This is Freckles. Freckles is a very pretty girl. I love her coloring.

That is Palomino on the right. He is the only boy. I got him as a lamb and he has made the rounds to other ranches, but always seems to come back home. He is a bit too friendly, a bit too doggy, but he will hold his ground. Since the other eight sheep are ewes we figured it was probably a good thing to have a large wether around that will hopefully protect the girls.

This is Palomino letting me know he wants out for breakfast. He will be in a world of hurt if he slips his leg through that wire. But, he does this every morning.

Here he is being his pushy self. At least I can say that Palomino has some personality.

Yep...this is why Palomino is called Devil ears. Don't know what breed these itsy bitsy ears come from, but I'd love someone to tell me.

This is the dog kennel in the barn to house the lambs at night. The big ones are tolerating the newcomers better, but they still head butt them.

Here is Palomino coming up to the dog yard where he can see into the house. He is telling me he would like to have his dinner. He does this every evening. He is the spokesman for the flock.
Palomino would like to be Yoko's pal. It ain't gonna happen.

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Karen said...

Palimino makes me think of a LaMancha goat.