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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Don't you hate it when that happens?

Geez...when it comes to the dogs I try to be on top of everything. All 5 dogs have their vaccination charts at a glance, so we know who needs what and when. I have heard quite a few of my friends complain about their dogs being sick. Since I plan on doing lots of traveling this summer, I decided it would be in the BC's best interests to get the bordatella vaccine. Now as a critical care nurse, I don't get the flu short for the same reason I don't "usually" get my dogs a Bordatella vaccination. Because, the vaccines only cover one, possibly two strains of flu or kennel cough and there are lots of others strains out there.

So I take the 3 BCs to the community vaccination clinic. I bring them home and keep them fairly quiet. But, noticeably old Jet is quieter than usual that evening. By the next morning he is sneezing just a little. By that afternoon (after working sheep) he is distressed with a cough, reverse sneezes, and regular sneezes. He is really "stressed." He tried to tear up my sleeping bag in the back of the truck. I'm thinking he is going to have a seizure. I'm getting really STRESSED. This dog is my soul mate. I'm like kicking myself in the butt now. Gee, is it the vaccine or did he get a foxtail in his nose or throat? He doesn't appear to be distressed enough for a foxtail and later that evening. he was wagging his tail and eating. So we watch him.

Two days later, I call the veterinarian who gave the clinic. I know he and his wife personally since they have taken clicker classes from me in years past. The Vet says, "Doubtful a reaction from the vaccine. Most likely an allergy, "BUT I can't say it NEVER has happened." Okay...thanks a lot. haha But, then I talk to my girlfriend who worked her dog with Jet. She had a similar experience with her dog after working sheep with us at the ranch...sneezing, reverse sneezing, trying to eat grass, runny nose, etc. She called me today on Tuesday to tell me she took her dog to the Vet. The Vet basically said without knocking the dog out and looking up every orifice that it is probably an allergic reaction to "something." The dreaded "something." Both my girls worked at the same place and they are fine. Just the boys are messed up.

Monday I had the worst HAY FEVER ever...I thought I must have a spring cold, because I sneezed all day. So, now I'm living on Benadryl in lala land, Jet is living on Benadryl, my friend's dog is living on Benadryl, and we will see how we do later this week. WATCHING.....

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