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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rancho Ventoso's 1st annual "Throw Down"

Is there anything better than a good ranch trial? I think not!

Just a few pictures from Ted and Chandra's first invitational ranch trial. The weather was good and I think most of the people and surely all of the dogs had a good time. I know I did. Plus, my 5 dogs including Xena the Lab and Trouble the JRT enjoyed coming along for the weekend festivities.
There was a chili cook-off on Saturday with some "killer" chili entries and we held a Kentucky Derby lottery on Saturday, too. Plus, there was a dessert contest to top it off. :0) I heard the lemon squares won, but I loved the peach cheesecake.

Dr. Bob's Spike looking his stylish self. Wow...I saw a great improvement in their relationship after attending the Bobby Dalziel clinic!
Vendors at the ranch trial. Ted had a booth set up and Honest Dogs were there plus another gal, Carrie, had brought some super dog toys for sale. I bought a few of those along with severeal sweatshirts from Allison and Bryan.

Bryan White of Honest Dogs giving the peace sign. Surfer dude. Nice guy/great dog, Scoop.

What's a "throw down" without afternoon Malibu rum jello shooters

The chili cook-off had some killer entries. Pictured dishing out dixie cups A, B C and D.

The "B" chili won. I forget your name, but your white bean chili was AWESOME. Though, the judge had 2 bowls of my chili :0)

Line up of people watching the ranch trial in progress. Pretty day.

More exhibitors watching. Classes consisted of Open, Intermediate, Started and Pre-Novice.

Ted welcoming everyone to his 1st annual "throw down"....both he and Chandra were gracious hosts. They opened up their home to everyone and squeezed quite a few RVs and trailers onto the property.

That's a picture of me and Mike Burks. I'm "congratulating" him on winning and beating me Saturday. I took second place with Kilt.

Joe Williams was there with his cattle dogs. What a fabulous tatoo!

A serious group studying their score sheets. Jean, Mike, Sally and Erin.

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