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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I went to work sheep this morning and found 3 bulls in one arena, another in the other arena and the sheep in the north 40 in electronet. The winds were blowing 30mph and it was way more work than I wanted, so.....
I let the girls (Kilt and Yoko) drive the bulls up and down the fence from the alley, go to heel and go to head with a fence in between. Kilt has cow dogs on her Mom's side and it showed. She is faster than lightening to a heel or a nose. Yoko got a bit more comfortable with the beasts. This was good for Yoko, because she lives 'on the road' to see cattle. As soon as she sees them she growls and carries on. It's her past time when we are driving. I say, "cow" and she bounces off the window. She was pretty excited to see them up close and personal. And, let me tell you when the bulls kicked, I was darn glad to have the fence between them and my dog's heads!

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