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Friday, May 28, 2010

Coolaroo Kids

Trouble, Yoko, and Xena. The large bed will hold a big German Shepherd easily.
Jet and Kilt (smiling). This is the medium bed. Holds one Border Collie comfortably.
These are my new "coolaroo" beds for the dogs. They are kind of like a hammock and the dogs love them. Their regular cedar dog beds are going into storage for the summer. The nice thing about the "coolaroo" beds are that they are up off the ground (no ants to bother the dogs), they get a nice breeze under them (cooler in the summer) and they are a snap to clean....just hose them down. Plus, UV treated breathable fabric with a powder coated steel frame and extremely light weight. Heck, I ought to sell them...LOL
I work 12 hour shifts and my husband works 10 hour shifts so the dogs are in their kennels some long hours. Once in awhile they will poop in their kennels and on the dog beds. Yuck. Now, with the "coolaroo" beds.....doubtful they will poop on them and cleaning will be much easier.
Price $34.95 at PetSmart


WalkOn Border Collies said...

I have two of them in my living room; Dusty has the large size and Wyatt the medium. They are great for indoor beds as they keep the dogs up off my carpet. I put a fleecy on them in winter for warmth/snuggles. The dogs love them.

Monique said...

In winter maybe you can put the cedar beds on top of the hammocks? Then the beds will still be poo-free? :)