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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Not in Yoko's scope of practice (yet)

Yoko is thinking, aren't I supposed to be seeing tails, not heads? Yo didn't make the lift on Sat. in nursery, but with some encouragement "Come on Yo....whoop, whoop," she got them to the
fetch panels. When I heard her growl I thought she might have a stroke and retired to help her!
Now come on. No wonder Yoko was in disbelief. Is this range ewe crossed with a giraffe?
When 39 open dogs ran on Sat. and only one completed the course, you know you are at Deer Creek!

I'd be mean, too, if right in the midst of a trial, I dropped a baby lamb. Look at that cute little scrawny range ewe. Deer creek was a blast per usual. We'll be back next year with hopefully, a bit more experience.

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Erin O said...

Preparedness is the key to success. Please let me know when you've found a flock of giraffe's to work. Glad you had a good time, sometimes that is the half of the battle we forget most often.