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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just a group of camel jocks

That's me and my best friend from New York, Carolyn. We did the horse circuit in the 60's/70's and went to all the big fairs like Indio and Del Mar. Wow...did we love a good fair! That's a picture of us being led to the starting line for a doubles race aboard a camel. There wasn't too much that we wouldn't do for fun back then. The stories we could tell!
That's me aboard "Leaping Lena" The stands were packed with people who loved the half time entertainment. I was happy to supply them with it. Too bad I don't have a photo of me riding on top of an ostrich in the ostrich races. When I hit the dirt, all I know is we were going pretty darn fast and I slid on my chest for about 30 feet. Ahh....it's good to be young.

Yep, that's my Pop over in Egypt aboard a camel. It runs in the family. What can I say?

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