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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In Florida this week

A recent picture of Dad (Grandpa) with Erin, my neice, who is getting married.

My brother and his wife live with my 93 yr. old father in Florida. Dad started forgetting things at the age of 89. He has full blown dementia now. He still can remember a few things from a long time ago, but his short term memory is all but gone.

Neither my brother nor I wanted to put Pop in an assisted living situation. After putting our heads together, my brother and his wife moved from New Mexico to Florida to care for Dad in his own home.

We have the coolest Dad. That is the least we could do for him. He is an officer, a gentleman, and an amazing father. Even with severe dementia, he always smiles, is polite, and when you ask him how he feels, he says, "Wonderful."

My brothers youngest is getting married in Florida this weekend. They are getting married on a yacht that will sail down the Indian River my Dad lives on. I am flying down to care for Dad while they get on with the wedding. We figured it would be too much commotion and too confusing for Dad. So, I will enjoy a wonderful week with my Pop. I'm a lucky daughter to have a Dad like him.


Joan said...

its refreshing to hear people talk about their elderly and failing parents in such a good way. Too many today feel their parents are just a burden. Cherish your time with your Dad.

gvmama said...

Thanks Joan. I had the best childhood ever. It's time to "give back."